Consulting Solutions Simplified

Your business is complex and unlike any other, and that's why we work with you to craft solutions that are simple, efficient, and built to help your business reach it's potential.  Providing tailored services in occupational health & safety, we can help you build your OHS programs, train your workforce, and set a path for success.  We will also help you protect your physical assets with a combination of tools, products and programs customized for you.  Some of our services include:

Health & Safety:

  • Health & Safety Management System Development
  • ​Joint Health & Safety Committee Development
  • ​Emergency Management & Preparedness
  • ​Workplace Violence & Harassment Response
  • Fire Safety Plans
  • ​Job Hazard Analysis
  • ​Safe Work Procedure & Program Development
  • ​Ministry of Labour Compliance and Order Resolution
  • ​Ongoing, In-house Training Program Development​​
  • Safety Recognition & Communication Programs


  • Loss Prevention Management System Program Development
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) Reviews
  • ​Asset Protection & Physical Security Assessments
  • ​Surveillance Products and Solutions
  • ​Investigation Services​ including Associate Dishonesty
  • ​Inventory Shrink Analysis and Prevention Program Development​

Want more out of your business?

Our pricing structure is just as flexible as our services.  Your initial consultation is always on us. Give us a call to book an appointment to find out how we can deliver one of a kind services to grow your business potential and protect your bottom line.

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